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Hump Day kills Hefner, 91

One could say that everyday is hump day in the Hefner harem. Is it politically correct to call it a harem? That’s sort of why we are here. Well, that and because he died. On hump day. No irony there. And this billionaire playboy’s death has made me stop to…

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U.S. Gov Hates Clowns

Insane Clown Posse. Yes, it’s a thing. And the United States Government hates them. Honestly, I find the latter fact more surreal. American pop culture has long been inundated with creative renderings of every archetypical fathoming our collective unconscious can spring. Whether we are singing about Walruses and Egg Men…

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Attacking Piano Dude is NOT Feminist

  Feminism is important. And respecting women’s autonomy is essential. So when musician Luke Howard came out and declared that he was going to play on his piano until he won the heart of his lost love back, a social critique is to be expected. Some people basically labeled him…

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